Meet the Team

Melina Cedano Moreno
- General Manager

As a dedicated member of the restaurant community in the Coachella Valley, Melina's second home is her restaurant. Through her long experience with a variety of cuisines and workplace cultures, Melina has learned from the best in the industry. No challenge is too great for Melina and she thrives on the learning experience. Melina's relationships with her colleagues and our guests, are all meaningful and lasting. Melina knows the ins and outs of the cocktail world, especially the "ins". Although the future has not yet been written, Melina predicts exciting opportunities for the community surrounding her and Clandestino. She has been instrumental in hiring our team and establishing a culture of excellence.

Melina photo

Tiffany O'Connor

Over the last 8 years, Tiffany has worked for a few different restaurants in the Palm Springs area, including our sister restaurant, Tac/Quila! Tiffany joined the Tacquila team as a bartender and immediately hit the ground running. Tiffany's strong work ethic, drive, and dedication has paid off as Tiffany was recently promoted to a manager position at Clandestino. As a manager, Tiffany encourages her team to give our guests an experience worth repeating. Tiffany has a desire for great guest service and is constantly training her team to ensure they are exceeding our guests expectations!

Tiffany photo

Rosalba Carrion and Gustavo Carreon

Gustavo has been in the restaurant world for over 23 years. Gustavo believes his passion for cooking is in his blood, as the oldest of 7 siblings all of whom are Chefs. Gustavo loves the ability to be creative with dishes and teaching his employees new skills.

Rosie's mother is her inspiration. Rosie's goal was always to stand out from her brothers and be the sweetness of her family! At the age of 12 Rosie received her first piping set which started her curiosity for pastries. Rosie's career started at Farm as a dishwasher, which led to a prep cook, and she then became the pastry chef for all three restaurants. Rosies is now a kitchen manager alongside her older brother Gustavo. Rosie is driven by French and Italian desserts, some of her favorite desserts are fruit tarts. Rosie thrives on guests feeling comfort from her desserts.

Rosalba and Gustavo photo